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Reeds and Heddles

Schacht and Glimäkra each include one reed with the purchase of a loom. Expand your weaving horizons by using different dent reeds, adding metal or string heddles to your shafts, or adding a second rigid heddle to your loom.

Weaving Tools by Working Wood Productions

Visit the Far North Fibers studio to shop a variety of handmade weaving tools from local Anchorage woodworker, John Ziv of Working Wood Productions. John uses a variety of specialty and exotic hardwoods for his tools, such as stick shuttles, belt shuttles, fringe twisters, and more.

Scour by Kookaburra

A natural, plant-based cleaner for processing raw wool (or any natural fiber). Containing only earth-friendly ingredients, Scour aims to reduce the time spent washing, cleaning, and drying your fleece, helping you move more quickly to spinning a soft, clean fiber.

Wash by Kookaburra

(formerly WoolWash)

Uses tea tree oil and lanolin clean, deodorize, and soften fabrics of any fiber type. Ideally suited for delicate fibers, Wash does not require a rinse, and can be used in traditional or high efficiency washing machines.