Rigid Heddle Looms

Rigid Heddle Looms

Schacht Cricket

​The Cricket is a fantastic first loom for beginners or the young weaver. Available in child-friendly weaving widths of 10” or 15,” the sturdy Cricket includes an 8-dent rigid heddle, threading hook, warping peg and table clamps, two shuttles, and two balls of yarn to get started weaving right away. The Cricket’s frame features curving sides to guide the movement of the rigid heddle between the sheds. A dedicated slot for neutral helps small hands with direct warping. To develop more weaving skills, add accessories like rigid heddles in 10 or 12 dent, and pickup sticks for more complex weave structures. The portable Cricket also has an optional floor stand.

Glimäkra Emilia

Portable and accessible to beginning weavers, the Glimäkra Emilia comes in 13” or 18” weaving widths in a slim, foldable frame. Included with the loom are a rigid heddle in your choice of dent (8, 10, or 12), one shuttle, warping peg and table clamps, sley hook, booklet, and wire threader. The Emilia uses metal ratchet gears for advancing the warp while controlling tension. Explore more complex weaves with the second heddle bracket kit and additional rigid heddles in other dents. Foldable for classes or travel, the Emilia can also be placed on a simple x-frame floor stand for unobtrusive, at-home weaving.

Schacht Flip Folding Rigid Heddle

Excellent for the beginning and experienced weaver alike, the Schacht Flip offers the simplicity of rigid heddle weaving with the size and construction for larger and more complex projects. The Flip is available in 15,” 20,” 25,” and 30” weaving widths. Made for easy transport, the Flip can be folded with a warp on the loom. For stationary use, mount it to the optional trestle stand with adjustable height arms for ergonomically healthy weaving. Using a simple heddle block, the Flip can accommodate two-heddle weaving for more complex weave structures, and the deep frame and cross braces allow for longer warps and more inches with every advance of the warp. The simple wood-and-plastic ratchet gears offer comfortable and reliable tension control. The Flip includes one rigid heddle in your choice of dent (5, 8, 10, 12), warping peg and table clamps, two shuttles, threading hook, and instructional booklet. Try using Schacht’s variable-dent rigid heddle for multi-density warps, and add the trap to keep your tools close at hand.

Glimäkra Susanna

With a 27” weaving width and non-folding frame, the Susanna offers structure for wider projects. The Susanna uses the same sturdy metal ratchet gears for controlling the warp, along with the simple heddle bracket structure. The Susanna includes lease sticks, two stick shuttles, beaming sticks, and a rigid heddle in your choice of dent (8, 10, 12). When upgraded with the second heddle bracket set, the Susanna can also accommodate a second bracket set for complex weave structures. Pair it with the x-frame floor stand for a comfortable weaving experience.