Other Looms

Other Looms

Glimäkra Band Loom

​Glimakra’s two-treadle band loom can be used as a two-shaft band loom or inkle loom. Lightweight, portable, and easy to disassemble, this loom frees you to work on projects outside the home. With a maximum 5” band width, the loom can also be set up for card weaving. This versatile loom is a great staple for your weaving equipment collection.

Schacht Inkle Loom

An inkle loom is an essential part of any weaving equipment collection. Used for weaving belts and bands, inkle looms create the additional pieces for projects like bags, skirts, pants, jackets, and wall hangings. Also great as an introductory loom, the inkle is simple to learn and easy to master. The Schacht inkle loom can weave bands up to 4 ½” wide and up to 8 ½ feet long. Made of hard, unfinished maple wood, the Schacht inkle loom is designed for long-term, heavy use.

Inkle Looms by Working Wood Productions

Visit the Far North Fibers studio to preview inkle looms made by local Anchorage woodworker, John Ziv of Working Wood Productions. John uses a variety of specialty and exotic hardwoods for his looms, including stock on hand and made-to-order custom pieces. John even makes left-handed inkle looms!

Schacht Tapestry Loom

One of the simplest looms in terms of construction, tapestry looms enable artists to produce complex and beautiful textiles. Using heddle bars and string heddles, the weaver manipulates warp threads to produce tapestries of an endless possibility of images, patterns, and structures. Schacht includes four heddle bars for experimenting with four shaft weaves. The tapestry loom is available in 18” or 25” weaving widths, and can accommodate a warp up to 60” long through direct warping. Add the A-frame stand for portability and convenience, or mount to the trestle stand for working at home. Select additional tapestry beaters and bobbins to suite your style and project.

Glimäkra Freja Tapestry Loom

The Freja is available in 15″ or 26″ widths, and the tension system doubles as support to hold the loom upright. Designed as a lap loom, the Freja is another simple loom with vast opportunities to explore tapestry weaving.