Multishaft Looms

Multishaft Looms

Schacht Table Loom

Options abound with the Schacht Table loom: it is available in 15″, 20″, and 25″ weaving widths, and four or eight shafts. Included with the loom is a steel reed  in your choice of dent (6, 8, 10, 12, or 15), two apron rods, and three lease sticks. Optional additions include a floor stand and double back beam.

Glimäkra Victoria Table Loom

The Victoria has four shafts and a 27″ weaving width. Optional treadles and stand make the Victoria a transitional loom from table to floor. With the loom, you receive 500 Texsolv heddles, lease sticks, 24 beaming sticks, and a kit and instructions for tie-up.

Schacht Wolf Pup Floor Loom (and Pup LT)

The smallest of the Wolf family of looms, the collapsible, 4-shaft Wolf Pup has an 18″ weaving width, making it an ideal smaller floor loom for narrow projects and taking workshops. With a direct tie-up between the shafts and treadles, the Pup helps you get weaving faster. When folded, the Pup is 16″ deep and has rolling casters to help you move it to and from workshops. Schacht has also created the versatile 4-shaft/6-harness Pup LT with lamms and jacks that significantly expand your tie-up options. The Wolf Pup includes 300 metal inserted-eye heddles, a steel reed in your choice of dent (6, 8, 10, 12, or 15), and a clipboard on the castle to track your treadle pattern.

Glimäkra Julia Floor Loom

The Julia can hold a lot of power in its 32″ footprint. This countermarch loom weaves up to 27″ wide with a variety of shaft and treadle options (4×6, 8×8) and two counterbalance options (2×2, 4×6). The Julia has recently been upgraded with a comfortable footrest bar, heavier beater for rug weaving, and multi-piece frame for reduced shipping costs. Portable enough for workshops, the Julia comes with a warping instructional DVD, 24 beaming sticks, threading tools, steel reed in your choice of dent, 500 Texsolv heddles, tie-up kit, lease sticks, and shaft holders.

Schacht Baby Wolf Floor Loom

The Baby Wolf offers a 26” weaving width in a nimble size, and with a variety of accessories for a range of budgets. Available in 4×4 (800 heddles) or 8×8 (80 heddles, the Baby Wolf also offers a “four now, four later” option of upgrading to eight harnesses in the future. With a footprint under 3ft² when open, the Baby Wolf folds down to 18” deep. Included with the loom are the reed in your choice of dent (6, 8, 10, 12, 15), apron rods, lease sticks, brass reed hook, warp beam crank handle, apron cords, and a treadle aid dowel (8×8 and 4N4L only). Optional accessories for the Baby Wolf include a sectional warp beam, high castle tray, strollers (great for moving to and from workshops), trap, height extender, loom bench and bags, and double back beams.

Schacht Mighty Wolf Floor Loom

The largest of the Wolf family of Schacht looms, the Mighty Wolf weaves 36” wide on either a 4×4 (800 heddles) or 8×8 (1000 heddles) setup. The Mighty Wolf also offers the budget-friendly “four-now, four-later” option for upgrading the loom to eight harnesses in the future. With a footprint under 4sqft and a collapsed depth of 18,” the Mighty Wolf is Schacht’s largest workshop-friendly loom. Along with the reed in your choice of dent (6, 8, 10, 12, 15), the loom includes a kit of three apron rods, 2 lease sticks, brass reed hook, warp beam crank handle, an apron cords. Upgrade the loom with accessories like the sectional warp beam, high castle tray, strollers (great for moving to and from workshops), trap, height extender, loom bench and bags, and double back beams.

Schacht Standard Floor Loom

The Schacht Standard is a full-fledged loom with a variety of options to build your perfect floor loom. Available in 36” and 46” weaving widths, Low or High castle, 8-shaft/8-harness or the budget-friendly 4-now, 4-later harness upgrade (each with 1000 heddles), and a host of optional accessories. The Standard’s parallel lamm construction means no more adjusting of tie-up cords, and the treadle slots allow for easy changes to tie-ups. The Standard also boasts removable back and breast beams, independently folding back beam (with or without warp), and a braking setup that offers great tension control. The Standard is just 26” deep when folded up. The 36” model has a 44” x 38” footprint, and the 46” model a 53” x 38” footprint. Additional accessories include a sectional warp beam, raddle, loom bench & bags, double back beam, and lamp holder.

Harrisville Designs Floor Loom

 The Harrisville Designs Floor Loom comes with a suite of options to suite your weaving style. Hand-built from maple, the loom comes in 22” or 36” weaving widths and 4×6 or 8×10 shaft/harness tie ups. All looms have a 42” high castle with parallel lamms for multiple tie-up options, quiet and smooth suspended harnesses, stainless steel reed in your choice of dent (8, 10, 12), adjustable beater, rear friction brake, wheels, and are fully foldable with an intact warp. The four-shaft looms collapse down to 13” and the eight-shaft models down to 18.” The number of heddles per loom is approximately 400 for the 22” 4×6 has 400 steel heddles, 600 for the 22” 8×10 and 36” 4×6, and 800 for the 36” 8×10. Upgrade your weaving resources with additional heddles, two sizes of bench, tool tray, and harness cables.

Glimäkra Standard Floor Loom

Glimäkra’s largest floor loom, the Standard is available 29,” 47,” 59,” or 63” weaving widths (loom is about 11” wider than weaving width). Available as counterbalance, countermarch, or both, The Standard includes a bevy of accessories: steel reed (dents range from 5 to 32), 1,000 Texsolv heddles, tie-up kit, warp sticks, lease sticks, shaft holders, shaft pins, rubber feet and, one shuttle. Depending on your choice of countermarche or counterbalance, the loom also includes an instructive book for tying up or warping. Additional accessories include an on-loom warping board, double warp beam, sectional warp beam, and a drawloom and fly shuttle attachment. Up to 75” tall, the Standard is a full-room floor loom for the serious weaving artist.

Schacht Cranbrook Countermarche Loom

Schacht’s Cranbrook uses metal-free mortise and tenon joinery construction supported by front, rear, and knee beams in powder-coated steel. With shaft options ranging from four to eight and up to 12 treadles and weaving widths of 48,” 60,” or 72,” the Cranbook is a heavyweight of complex weaving options. This full-room loom includes a steel reed in your choice of dent (6, 8, 10, 12, 15), 1000 Texsolv heddles in all weaving widths, tie-up cords, lease sticks, beaming sticks, cloth aprons, treadle locks, adjustable overhead beater, two sets of lamms, worm gear, bronze ratcher gears and hanger racks, and a foot pedal for the warp beam ratchet gear. Add more with a slanted or flat-top bench, castle tool shelf, raddle, second warp beam, sectional warp beam, sliding threading bench, beater weight, and a tension box rail. The footprint of the Cranbrook ranges from 70”x86” to 95”x86” depending on weaving width, and a height up to 72.”