Spinning Wheels

Spinning Wheels

Schacht Ladybug

 Ideal for beginning spinners, the Schacht Ladybug offers portability, simplicity, and versatility. With built-in handles and an optional Lazy Kate, the Ladybug is great for travel and workshops. Included with the wheel are medium and fast whorls, a poly drive band and a double drive band, threading hook, three travel bobbins, maintenance manual, and product registration card.

Schacht Sidekick

The newest wheel from Schacht, the Sidekick is a foldable, lightweight loom designed for travel, portability, and storage. Compatible with the same bobbins, whorls, and flyers as the Matchless and Ladybug models, the Sidekick includes three travel bobbins, a flyer, medium and fast whorl, threading hook, and carrying strap. Make things even more convenient and carry your sidekick in its optional sturdy bag.

Schacht Matchless

This is a fantastic wheel for the intermediate to advanced spinner searching for an excellent wheel of superior manufacture. The Matchless comes in both single and double treadle options and can spin in double drive and Scotch tension. Every element of this wheel, including the drive wheel, flyer shaft, bobbins, and whorls are produced with the highest quality standards to ensure reliable, balanced, consistent spinning. The wheel includes four bobbins, one medium and one fast whorl, threading hook, the collapsible Lazy Kate, a carrying strap, maintenance manual, and registration card. Expand your ratios by adding optional whorls to spin from 4:1 to 21:1. For even more variety, try the following bobbins: high speed, travel, and bulky (required bulky plyer flyer). Add the cart for easy transport.

Schacht Reeves

Schacht’s premiere Saxony wheel is available in 24″ or 30,” comes in your choice of Ash or Cherry wood, and can spin in Scotch tension or in double drive mode. Select a single or double treadle option,  and request a right-mounted flyer if desired. Included with your wheel are three bobbins, two whorls (12:1 to 24:1), a Lazy Kate, and threading hook. A suite of whorls  from slow to super high speed are available in Ash or Cherry.