About Pamela

In addition to family and fiber, Pamela enjoys cooking, gardening, and reveling in Alaska’s outdoors. Growing up in Durango Colorado, Pamela took her first weaving class at local Fort Lewis College, where she ultimately earned her Bachelors of Science. This upbringing and college experience introduced Pamela to Native American traditions of spinning, weaving, and dyeing.

Specializing in weaving, Pamela inheriting her father’s appreciation for mathematics and regularly uses Fibonacci sequences and exact number-based structures in her weaving, along with inspiration from notable people and music.

Pamela’s weaving is intentional and methodical: she keeps detailed records of all her projects, is committed to making mindful project samples and decisions, resulting in woven products of technical excellence and deep artistry.

In addition to teaching a variety of equipment – drop spindles, wheels, rigid heddle looms, and multi-shaft looms – Pamela also attends regional and national workshops to advance her skills and technical knowledge. Evidence of this commitment is the Certificate of Excellence Level I earned from the Handweavers Guild of America, an elite credential earned by fewer than 100 artists in the US.

Pamela’s passion for weaving, spinning, and dyeing has grown since opening Far North Fibers in 2000, and she continues to learn, experiment, and enjoy her craft every day. Visit the studio to meet Pamela, tour her studio, and see the joy that fiber artistry could bring to your life.